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Xula CBD Tinctures sold at Blue Lotus

About Xula

Xula is a brand with a purpose: to help women experience healthy, symptom-free cycles. Xula believes that painful and difficult cycles are not normal, and that there are natural remedies that can help women achieve balance. Xula is committed to changing the widespread belief in our society that women must suffer through their periods. Xula invites women to experience what it’s like to have a good cycle through the transformative power of its clinically-effective botanicals.

Xula Happy Hormones CBD Tincture at Blue Lotus

Quality, Transparency, and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Xula's herbal formulas are developed with the guidance of expert herbalists and doctors. They provide comprehensive, full-body womb and cycle support by promoting easeful periods, PMS, menopause, hormonal balance, and overall wellness.

Xula's formulas are rigorously tested by people with wombs. The company understands that restoring balance is essential to feeling better day-to-day, physically and mentally. Each of Xula's 100% clean, organic, and triple-lab tested formulations do exactly that.

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