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About Us

Blue Lotus Wellness & CBD Boutique

We strive to provide the best products and services to help our customers achieve their wellness goals. Our selection of hemp CBD, THC, and other cannabinoid extracts are carefully curated to bring you the best in relaxation and wellbeing. In our boutique we have partnered with healthcare providers to offer acupuncture, medical spa services, lymphatic wellness services, and postoperative care services. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect products and services to meet your needs.

The Blue Lotus Story

At Blue Lotus Wellness and CBD Boutique, we specialize in hemp derived cannabinoid extracts including CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, and more. We have a large variety of oils, edibles and candies, topicals, beverages, vape, and flower options. Since 2018, our carefully crafted, vetted, and selected products have helped our customers with relaxation, sleep, and relief from discomfort and inflammation. We can help you create custom cannabis wellness solutions. 

New to CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids? Our professionally trained and certified staff can answer all your questions. Our goal is to help you find the right products and for your needs. We pride ourselves on honest and comprehensive education when requested. If we do not have the right solution for you, we will refer you to additional resources. All our staff are Healer Certified through the education program created by renowned cannabis physician, Dr. Dustin Sulak.

Meet the Sisters

Mary & Margaret

Between us we have 20+ years of healthcare experience and 20+ years of serving consumer needs. We have seen firsthand the devastating effects of disease and chronic illness on both body and mind. We have also seen the deleterious effects of chronic reliance on narcotics and opioids. In addition, we have witnessed the failure of big pharma companies and drug retailers to help people focus on long-term wellness, especially with natural and botanical solutions.

Mary Galeski, Blue Lotus Wellness & CBD Boutique in Ocoee, FL

Mary Galeski, MBA has been a retail consultant and customer service specialist for more than 20 years. Her specialty is in helping businesses identify and cater to the specific needs of their clients. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, and she brings her passion for Essential Oils and their benefits to clients of Blue Lotus Wellness and CBD Boutique. Mary was introduced to CBD by Margaret. She finds it personally helpful in many ways including restoring joint function, assistance falling asleep, and general well-being. She has passionately adopted Margaret’s dedication to bringing quality hemp products and their benefits to others.

Mary Galeski

Dr. Margaret Barnett, Blue Lotus Wellness & CBD Boutique in Ocoee, FL

Dr. Margaret Barnett has been a Physical Therapist licensed in the state of Florida since 1996. At Blue Lotus Wellness, we combine our dedication to health and wellbeing with a wide variety of CBD & cannabinoid infused products . Dr. Margaret is happy to consult with clients over the phone or in our CBD Boutique about improving your overall health and wellness. She first became interested in CBD when she had patients report great results while using it. Dr. Margaret was inspired to establish an Orlando area Wellness Center to offer her skills as a lymphedema therapist in combination with premium CBD and cannabinoid products.  

Dr. Margaret Barnett

Megan Galeski, Blue Lotus Wellness & CBD Boutique in Ocoee, FL

Megan Galeski, Mary’s daughter, recently graduated with her Bachelor of Arts, including a minor in chemistry. This, along with her role in supporting the boutique since it’s beginning, gives her an excellent technical background with which to help clients choose products from the wide range carried by Blue Lotus. She is passionate about all things cannabis and strives to help people of varying needs and backgrounds choose the perfect products for their concerns, tastes, and lifestyle. 

Megan Galeski


20+ Years of Healthcare Background

Healer Certified Cannabis Wellness Advisors at Blue Lotus Wellness & CBD Boutique in Ocoee, FL

To help answer your questions and help you select an appropriate cannabis product, our staff are Healer Certified Cannabis Wellness Advisors. We are Orlando CBD experts and can work with you to find the right product and dosage for hemp derived CBD and cannabis products and assist you in determining if medical cannabis may be the right option instead. We maintain relationships with local medical cannabis doctors should that be your need.

Mary Galeski, in addition to being well versed in all things cannabis, is a Certified Aromatherapist. She is skilled in helping you determine what Hemp derived product or essential oil blends may help you manage your condition.

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