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About PlantsHealUs (formerly Wildflower CBD)

PlantsHealUs is dedicated to harnessing the power of nature to cultivate a healthier, more natural way of living. They offer plant-based solutions for holistic wellness, fueled by continuous exploration and innovation. Their mission invites you to join their journey – a path towards healing, protection, and thriving with the power of plants.


Rooted in Nature's Wisdom

PlantsHealUs, a brand born from a founder's curiosity and desire for holistic wellness, began its story in the heartlands of the West Coast. Inspired by the whispers of ancient trees and the sun-kissed earth, the founder embarked on a journey that would transform lives.

Hemp, a plant with a long history, became a guiding light. The founder discovered remarkable healing properties within the leaves and fibers, a natural remedy offering an alternative to synthetic treatments. It wasn't just medicine, but a reconnection with nature, a philosophy that every plant held the key to vitality.

Thus, PlantsHealUs was born. Initially, the company focused on topical products infused with hemp, offering a natural solution for those seeking relief. Their success propelled them to expand their offerings to include tinctures and capsules, each product a testament to their commitment to natural and effective wellbeing solutions.

PlantsHealUs invites you to join them on a botanical journey, where dreams take root in the soil and sunlight dances on the leaves. Together, they aim to unlock the secrets of ancient herbs, one drop at a time. PlantsHealUs is where the wisdom of nature meets human resilience.

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