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Patsy's Candies

Xite and Patsy's Candies products at Blue Lotus

About Patsy's Candies & Xite

Patsy's Candies got the candy right long before anyone even thought of infusing Hemp into candy.  So these candies are not only a great source of CBD, but they taste fantastic! Xite Edibles is owned and operated by Patsy’s Original Candies, one of the oldest family owned and operated chocolate factories in the world. With Patsy’s world-famous recipes and new legislation around Cannabis they offer some of the best tasting and most effective legal THC edibles in the world!

The Patsy's Candies story began over 100 years ago.  An Irishman named Patsy Mehaney started the business in the late 1800s. He had a dream to create the the best candied popcorn and salt water taffy he could.  Inspired by his taste buds, he made his first batches and sold them at local fairs around Terra Haute, Indiana. Soon a company called Cracker Jack found his famous candied popcorn bought Patsy's classic recipe before he headed west. Patsy started Patsy's Candies in 1903 after settling in Manitou Springs, Colorado at the foot of, “The Purple Mountain Majesty”, Pikes Peak. 

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Colorado's Finest Ingredients

Over 100 years later, the family's mission remains the same. They pride themselves in using only the finest ingredients.  Their Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is extracted from locally grown Hemp plants and is full of terpenes and a variety of other cannabinoids.  This allows greater relief than many inferior CBD products.


Try one of these great tasting CBD or Delta-8 products to taste and feel the difference!

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