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Wildflower CBD

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About Wildflower CBD

Wildflower CBD is a holistic wellness company that connects people with the healing power of plants. They take pride in their holistic approach to product development, from research and development to manufacturing, distribution, and branding. Wildflower's mission is to connect people with the healing power of plants by designing and developing the best-performing CBD and cannabis wellness products available. They provide options for people seeking holistic wellness and health, and they are committed to transparency, sustainability, and freedom. Wildflower hopes to help make the world a better place through its products and values.

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Quality, Transparency, and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wildflower is a small, diverse, and caring team of people founded in Vancouver in 2012. The company started out as one of the first to manufacture cannabinoid oils blended with essential oils. In the beginning, the team consisted of a mom and two dads with small children. Since then, Wildflower has grown to be a team of over 100 beautiful and diverse people. Everyone who works at Wildflower is passionate about wellness and self-care. The company sources the best ingredients and makes only natural products that work. Combined with its simple but iconic brand, this makes Wildflower unique.

Wildflower develops its products by earnestly listening to the feedback of its wellness-focused consumers and experienced health and retail professionals. The company goes the extra mile to find the best technologies, use the highest quality cannabinoids, and pair it with the most synergistic ingredients to maximize the benefits of cannabis.

Wildflower offers a full line-up of wellness-focused CBD infused products. All of its products are made in the USA by Wildflower in its GMP facilities and third-party lab tested for quality assurance and accurate labeling. The company strives to deliver only the best products and services and guarantees 100% satisfaction to its customers.

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