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Best Selling CBD and THC Products

Best Selling CBD and THC Products

We are often asked what the “best” CBD of THC product is for any particular concern or need. While I caution that what works for one person may not be ideal for someone else, there are some very distinct trends among our popular products. This is sometimes based on preferred flavor (or lack thereof) or on preferred method. However, if you are looking for what works for others and what others prefer, this list is a great place to start! Not only do they sell well overall, but we have customers return repeatedly for all of these options.

Best Selling THC gummies

Best Seller Overall – These Delta-8 THC gummies are extremely popular among many of our customers. The first one also happens to be my preferred gummy. Most people use them to enhance evening relaxation and for assistance with sleep. They are a moderate dose option and the flavors are tasty. Also, they are made with organic ingredients! The second option is also at the top of the list as a bestseller for those looking for a higher dose.

best selling CBD Oil

Best Selling CBD Oil This oil has rapidly become a customer favorite among all the CBD oils we carry. The spearmint oil helps mitigate the “hempy” taste. It helps many with everyday stress relief and is also a great option for anti-inflammatory and for help with better rest.

Best selling CBD Topicals

Best Selling Topicals – We have two topicals that routinely compete for the top spot in sales. The first option is great for those that like the “deep freeze” sensation offered by menthol. The second is preferred by those that prefer a lighter scent and a neutral feel on the skin.

Best Selling CBD Gummies

Best Selling CBD Gummies – Enjoy Hemp offers a variety of condition specific gummy options. They are all very popular. Most customers choose the 50mg option, but the 100mg high dose options sell well too. The two listed here are the most popular:

Best Selling Moderate Dose THC Gummies

Best Selling Moderate Dose THC Gummies – For those who prefer the more substantial relief provided by THC or just the Zen offered by Delta-9 THC, Enjoy Hemp wins again! Choose Indica for evening, Sativa for the daytime, or Hybrid for anytime Zen.

Best Selling High Dose THC Gummies

Best Selling High Dose THC Gummies – Sherpa offers great tasting and potent gummies for those who find that they need larger doses.

Best Selling CBD:THC Ratio Gummies

Best Selling CBD:THC Ratio Gummies – Customers who want the benefits of both cannabinoids, we offer many great options. Cycling Frog makes a very popular low dose option that comes in a 5:1 ratio, while Tillman’s Tranquils has rapidly become our best selling 1:1 gummy.

bestselling CBD product for pets

And last, but certainly not least – our bestselling product for pets! Many pet parents choose treats for their fur babies. They are easy to administer and often more fun for your pup or kitty. However, our best seller is an oil. The advantages are that you can vary the dose extremely easily to tailer exactly how much they need. It is also easy and convenient to add to any food or treat. We have great dosing guidelines to help you determine how much your beloved pet needs. Some choose to give a regular dose for anxiety and pain relief and a larger dose as needed for those very stressful times (fireworks, etc.). Some people simply use as needed for vet visits and whatever else makes your pet feel afraid.

We hope you, too, will enjoy one of our best selling CBD or THC product options. If you need additional advise on what product(s) may work best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Book a session for a cannabinoid consultation, reach out by phone at 407-235-0653 or email us at

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