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Cannabinoid Success Stories: How CBD Helped People And Pets

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Cannabinoid Success Stories: How CBD Helped People And Pets

It is always good to hear when someone has great success at treating what ails them with CBD, THC, or any combination of cannabinoids. I thought I would write something up with some examples. I will keep them anonymous to protect our client’s privacy, but I hope you will be encouraged by their results!

Please always keep in mind that the FDA has not approved the products discussed here for the treatment or cure of any specific disease. These are not “medical claims.” They are stories of specific individuals, and your results may vary from those discussed here. You should always speak to your physician before changing or adding to your prescribed treatment regimen for any specific disease or illness. That said, let me share what has some cannabinoid success stories and what has worked for some of our clients.

“John’s” story – Military Veteran with Chronic Back Pain - High Dose CBD

CBD can help military veterans with a variety of symptoms such as pain and anxiety.

John served in the army for 20+ years and did multiple combat tours. He has chronic back pain because of injuries suffered during that service. He had multiple surgeries and was not interested in taking opioids the rest of his life, so he was looking for something more natural that would allow him to function without feeling sedated or “loopy.” He started with a CBD oil and per our guidelines started with low dose (just 5mg). I warned him when he began that based on the severity of the symptoms he was describing, he might end up needing high or even ultra-high dose. His symptoms were eased slightly during the first bottle, but at 50mg, he still was not completely satisfied he was feeling maximum relief. A second bottle later, he reported that 100mg seemed to be working.

100mg of oil 2-3 times a day is a lot of oil, so he switched over to the high dose capsules by Cycling Frog and has been regular ever since!

“Kathryn’s” story – 92 year old with Alzheimer’s - Low to Moderate Dose CBD

Kathryn’s daughter “Ann” first came in with her looking for something to help ease the anxiety associated with Kathryn’s Alzheimer’s. She had read that CBD might be helpful with agitation and with sleep. At first, she wanted to try something with zero THC out of concerns for intoxication (and associated dizziness etc.). She started with Lazarus Fruit Tarts. They did help and they stuck with THC Free for several months. However, as she became more comfortable with CBD, she asked about trying full spectrum CBD, which contains very small amounts of THC.

We have found that full spectrum is more effective at lower doses than THC Free for most people. This is because of the entourage effect. Ann chose capsules for her mother because they are easier to dose than oil and taste is not a concern. She has been using the 25mg capsules ever since. Ann credits CBD with helping her mom sleep better and experience less agitation during the day.

There is promising research that indicates it may help slow the progression of neurological conditions. Unfortunately, nothing has yet been found to cure them, but cannabis might can help improve quality of life for sufferers. Read more about CBD and THC for neurological conditions here.

“Rita’s” story – Sleeplessness and Anxiety – Low to Moderate Dose THC and CBD

CBD to help with sleeplessness

Rita came in one day in her slippers and lounge pants. She looked, quite frankly, haggard (and she’s under 40). She breathlessly leaned on my counter and asked if we had anything that would help her get some rest. It turns out she had moved here from a state with legal marijuana and had often used THC for help with sleep and anxiety. She intended to get a Florida medical card, but there is quite a bit of red tape with that process, especially for someone new to the state. She was thrilled to find out that Hemp licensed establishments in Florida can carry THC products (just not smokable marijuana).

She purchased a Delta-8 THC Vape and some gummies. She came back the next week bright, cheerful and not needing to collapse on my counter. What a difference! She has been a regular customer ever since with a passion for many different options. She has never found it necessary to go and get her medical card.

Some of Rita’s favorites are the THCP Vapes by Enjoy and the CBD Apple Cider (available on in store). She also loves the Live Rosin THCP Gummies by Enjoy!

“Logan’s” story – 8-year-old with ADHD – Low dose CBD

Logan’s story starts with a request from us – always speak to your pediatrician before adding CBD to an existing course of medication. In this case the pediatrician saw no problem with trying CBD. The only FDA approved medication with CBD in it is for children, so it has been demonstrated as safe.

Logan’s father was near his wit’s end with Logan. He loves his son dearly, but his ADHD was causing behavioral challenges in school and nothing they had tried thus far had worked. We discussed options for kids. THC Free may make some parents more comfortable, but Logan’s dad decided to try full spectrum chocolates. He came back a few weeks later with tears in his eyes as he told me that for the first time, Logan got 5 gold behavior stars for the week. They were regular customers for a few years and sent us several other parents with similar concerns.

I haven’t seen Logan’s family in a while. I’m hopeful it’s because they simply don’t need CBD anymore, or perhaps they have moved away. Either way, it was a pleasure to help with their son while I could. The exact chocolate they purchased is not made anymore, But I highly recommend these Calm gummies as an alternative. Water soluble powder is a nice option for parents as well because it can be mixed into any beverage.

Jillian’s Story – elderly Labrador Retriever with chronic injury and arthritic pain

Jillian’s CBD Success Story – elderly Labrador Retriever with chronic injury and arthritic pain

Last, but not least, is Jillian’s story (affectionately called Jellybean). Anybody who has come into the store with questions about pet CBD has likely heard this story. I share it because, not only is it a success story, but it’s also my “origin story.” Jillian is the reason I’m in the CBD business.

We foster failed with a beautiful year-old chocolate lab named Jillian. She came to us with bandages on her back leg and paw because she had been shot with a shotgun prior to rescue. Throughout her life, this injury would cause her pain after heavy play, on rainy days, and when she otherwise “overdid it.” As she aged, the pain was made worse and more chronic by arthritis. The chronic limping on the back leg ended up overstressing her shoulders, which then began to hurt. Watching her move, you could just see how hard it was for her. She would look up with those dark liquid eyes and seem to say, “Mommy, everything hurts.” We tried rimadyl, gabapentin and tramadol. They either didn’t help, made her loopy, or made her so constipated that the suffering from it was worse than the limping.

One day she could barely move. She was 11, so we thought about sending her over the rainbow bridge, but the vet suggested CBD. Since my sister had just gotten into the CBD business, we had some on hand that we used. When I got done smacking my forehead for not thinking of it, we tried it. It made a huge difference! She could get up more easily, wanted to play with other dogs, and just didn’t seem so sad. We credit CBD with giving us 2 additional years with our precious Jellybean.

Jillian’s oil – 75lb lab – we gave her 25mg (1/2ml) per day.

Have a great success story? We would love to hear yours – send us a note, give us a call, stop in, or leave it as a review for your favorite product. Successes with cannabinoids can help lead others to similar results.

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