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Cannabis Baking Tips from Mary and Megan: Elevate Your Edibles Game for the Holidays

Welcome to a festive edition of our culinary journey as Mary and Megan, seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and baking extraordinaires, join forces to share their expertise in the realm of elevated edibles. In this video blog post, these dynamic cannabis connoisseurs bring you a delectable blend of culinary prowess and herbal knowledge to make your holiday season a little extra special. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis chef or a curious beginner, join us as we embark on a flavorful adventure, exploring essential tips and tricks to infuse the spirit of the holidays into your cannabis-infused baked creations. Get ready to transform your kitchen into a haven of festive flavors and elevated experiences – 'tis the season to elevate your edibles game!

Dosing Delight: Simplifying the Math for a Merry Cannabis Baking Adventure!

It is super fun to incorporate both CBD and THC in baked goods or other treats around the holidays, but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out the math for correct dosing, especially when there are so many different methods. So, here are a few examples of a few of our favorite holiday recipes, with example math done for you! Please note, I will be referencing some specific recipes here to simplify. You can either open the exact recipe and follow along, or take the principles as guidelines for any recipe you like!

Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with CBD

This recipe is awesome for making one big batch and calling it a day, since it makes 72 smaller cookies. We also think it plays very nicely with CBD specifically due to the strong chocolate content, as well as being covered in powdered sugar at the end. All that sweetness helps mask any hempy-taste that the CBD oil might impart. 

Since these cookies are smaller, and we expect that you will want to have more than one, let’s do the math for 10 mg of CBD per cookie. The basic formula that you can use for all of these ideas is [number of servings of treat your recipe will make] times [number of milligrams of cannabinoid you want per treat] equals [total amount of cannabinoid you will add your batch]. For this example, 72 cookies times 10 mg per cookie equals 720 mg total, or 14.4 droppers-full of our full spectrum hemp oil (or 14 and a half to make it a little easier). So, if you have a bottle of our CBD relax oil (or another 50 mg/mL oil) at home, you can count out 14.5 droppers, and put that right into the measuring cup you will use for the vegetable oil for the recipe. To make it even simpler, you could use an entire 15 mL bottle of relax oil, and not need to do any counting! This would bring the milligram count to 10.4 mg per cookie, so almost the same as if you did all the measuring, but way easier. Then, just fill up the rest of the measuring cup (in this case ½ cup) with vegetable oil, and you’re done! Complete the rest of the recipe as written, and enjoy your relaxing CBD cookies! Obviously, if you would like 20 mg per cookie, just double this CBD count, or cut the number of cookies you make in a batch in half. Especially when using an oil, make sure to remove the amount of CBD oil used from the vegetable oil you add to avoid greasy baked goods.

Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Chocolate Chunk Brownies with THC or CBD

This is my personal go-to for cannabis goodies, because not only are brownies a classic, but I find that brownies make a super versatile base for whatever cannabinoid you want to use! This recipe has chocolate chunks built-in, which makes it super easy to just cut-up some of our favorite THC or CBD chocolate and dump it right in, but I usually make it even simpler and add in grated chocolate to a brownie box mix. If you do use this recipe, or similar, it makes a nicely full 13” x 9” pan. One whole bar (or ten single pieces) of our Xite THC chocolate (I recommend dark) fills about one-third to one-half of the chocolate chunks it calls for, depending on how finely you cut it. I like to cut a 13” x 9” pan into 15 pieces, which works out perfectly to 10 mg per brownie. Once again, you can put the cannabinoid chocolate right into the measuring cup you want to use for all your chocolate, and then fill the rest with any baking chocolate. 

The math works out really nicely with these Xite bars, even cut differently. For example, if you make ten bigger brownies it will be 15 mg per piece. Obviously, you can also adjust how strong it is by using more or less cannabis chocolate. If you want 5 mg brownies, in a 15 brownie batch, you would use ½ bar, or five of our single chocolates

But the brownies can be a base for more than just the pre-made cannabinoid chocolate! The above discussion about adding oil or tincture to your vegetable oil or melted butter mix applies here as well. This is a great place to use our spearmint-flavored calm oil if you like to make minty-chocolate brownies. If you want to do that though, I do recommend adding a little bit of mint extract as well, to make sure the flavor comes through.

Finally, the brownies will go amazing with any drizzle you want to use, so this is a great place to melt down our Xite caramels and make the ooey-gooey brownies of your dreams. The caramels we carry by Patsy’s have the exact same dosing as the chocolate pieces. So, in a fifteen brownie batch, a bag of five caramels would impart 5 mg per treat, and ten caramels would make the brownies 10 mg THC each. 

We hope these examples can help make your holiday season as fun and relaxing as possible, and help make the math a little more simple!

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