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Common Mistakes With CBD

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Common Mistakes With CBD

It has been our experience that most people using CBD are looking for genuine solutions to their health concerns.  We are thrilled when we see people find relief and see improvement in their quality of life.  CBD does not work for every issue or every person, but we have found that most people find some (or great) benefit.  It is always disheartening to hear, “I tried it, but it didn’t work” and then learn that the person we are speaking to tried a single dose, a fraudulent product, a low dose of an Isolate, or worse, a product that doesn’t actually contain any CBD at all.  If you want to give CBD solutions a genuine try – below are the most common potential problems with efficacy and the easy ways to solve them.  

Common Mistakes With CBD - MISTAKE NO. 1


Unfortunately, there is not a “one size fits all” dose for CBD. One of the most common mistakes with CBD use is not determining your optimal dose. Dosing requirement is based on many personal factors including body weight, metabolism, underlying medical conditions, other medications and supplements, and sensitivity to medications, herbs, and foods. Some people find a very small amount, such as 5mg per dose, works for them, while others may need 50mg per dose or more to effectively address their concern. Dr. Dustin Sulak, a leading cannabis physician, recommends starting low and gradually increasing your dose while carefully monitoring your body and mood. We have developed a tool and dosing guide to help you Find Your Optimal Dose



CBD Oil products work best if you hold the oil under your tongue for at least one minute prior to swallowing it. Two minutes is plenty. This allows some of the active ingredients to absorb sub-lingually and through the mucosa of the mouth prior to entering the digestive system. This allows the CBD oil to have a faster effect. While CBD can also be absorbed through the digestive system, it takes 1-2 hours to take effect through digestion alone. 



CBD Oils and edibles will be processed through the digestive system more quickly when taken with a meal or snack.  Taking them with a snack or meal rich in healthy fats may also help absorption and bioavailability. Examples of foods with healthy fats include avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, whole eggs, fatty fish (such as salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines and herring), nuts, chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil, coconuts and coconut oil, and full-fat yogurt. Learn more about healthy fats



Another one of the common mistakes with CBD use is not trying it long enough. Some people react quickly to CBD products and can feel the effects even after one dose or within 1-2 days. Others, however, need more of a cumulative effect. Based on our Healer Training by Dr. Sulak, we recommend trying a CBD product consistently for at least a couple of weeks before deciding if it is effective for you. When our clients tell us that they have tried CBD in the past and that it did not work for them, we ask them how much they were taking and for how long. We have often heard that they tried a low to moderate dose and only for a few days. Our Healer Trained staff have assisted many of these clients to try CBD again at a dose and formulation more appropriate for their condition, and they began to feel positive effects within 2-3 weeks.  



Some people can be successful using CBD on an as needed basis. Some of our clients have reported being successful using CBD products for breakthrough pain, migraine and other headaches, and to combat an onset of anxiety. Many people, however, need to use CBD consistently over time for the cumulative effect and management of their conditions. This is often true when using CBD to help with sleeplessness.



Some people simply do not track their results and are never able to determine if CBD really helped them. You need to find your optimal dose, be consistent, and monitor your results. It can be tedious, time consuming, and even frustrating, but it is well worth the effort when you find a product and system that works for you. 



At the risk of sounding like a broken record at this point, everyone is different. A CBD isolate product may work well for one person and not at all for another. A strain of flower that worked well for your friend, may not work well for you. One of the common mistakes with CBD use is not trying a variety of products to see which ones help you the best. We offer these general guidelines to help you be successful when choosing  CBD products to try.

  • When possible select a full spectrum product with a rich minor cannabinoid and terpene profile.

  • If you need a broad spectrum or isolate product without even a trace of THC, keep in mind that you may require a higher dose for it to be effective.

  • If you need a broad spectrum product, check out product Certificates of Analysis (COAs or lab results) for the preservation of at least some minor cannabinoids and terpenes. You will begin to notice that many broad spectrum products do not actually preserve any minor cannabinoids or terpenes at detectable levels. Preservation of a few is at least better than none. Do not just believe the product claims, read the COAs. We have argued with many a manufacturer of broad spectrum, THC-Free products that while they claim to preserve "everything but the THC" that their COAs look like those of isolate products.

  • If you are not getting the results you would like, try a different product with a different cannabinoid and/or terpene profile. You can also try a products with herbal, plant essential oil, or strain specific infusions to address your specific concerns.

  • If you need a fast acting product, consider an inhalable such as flower or a clean vape.



Certainly this states the obvious, but it is surprisingly easy to purchase a “CBD” product without any CBD in it. Be especially careful about buying products on Amazon. We love Amazon, and would sell our products on Amazon….if they would have us. Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow the sale of products that state they contain CBD. So you will get one of two things  

1. A product that may contain CBD, but the labeling says “hemp extract” or something else without indicating the actual amount of CBD. We believe there is a real lack of transparency from vendors who would sell CBD products in this manner.


2. A product that does not contain any CBD at all. Just because someone advertises “hemp extract” or “hemp oil” does not mean the product contains any CBD. As a result we cannot recommend trying to purchase quality CBD products on Amazon.  

Bear in mind that hemp seed oil, while being very nutritious, does not contain CBD.  If a product states it contains hemp oil, then assume it is hemp seed oil. Before you buy any product containing CBD, we encourage you to review the lab results (AKA Certificate of Analysis (COA)) to be sure the product contains the stated amount of CBD or other cannabinoids. Be wary if the lab results are not readily available to review. There are now thousands of CBD brands. Many are actually made by the same manufacturers under the names of many different brands. “White Labeling,” as this is called, has become widespread.  Our industry is in the early stages of regulation so use care when selecting your products. Look for a trusted source (like us of course!) that can give you information and education about their products and cannabinoids in general. Be sure that lab results are readily available and test for more than just the cannabinoid content. You want to be sure the cannabinoid content is as stated and that safety testing for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and microbials is present. Terpene testing is a nice bonus. 


We Are Here to Help!

At Blue Lotus Wellness we are here to help you select the best products for you. We have top shelf, full spectrum oils, oils with herbal or essential oil infusions, isolate and broad spectrum products, delicious edibles, beverages, a large variety of flower and clean vape strains, and more. Stop by our Boutique or visit our Online Shop. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you in person, over the phone, via email, or through chat on our shop pages.


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