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It's OK to Help Yourself First

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Weekly Wellness Tip

Wellness Tip: It's OK to Help Yourself First

Anxiety & depression have become our constant companions in recent months. Always a measurable problem in modern society – they have worsened substantially during Covid-19. This is likely no surprise to anyone reading this and I am not going to share the statistics, which are all over the Internet and news. My reason for writing is simply to say this…. if you aren’t worried, anxious or depressed, someone you know is. If you yourself are suffering, you may feel alone, feel “crazy” or like your concerns are not as important as someone else’s. Therefore, you may minimize your own needs. Like putting the oxygen mask on in an airplane, sometimes we must help ourselves before we can help others.

We have been so touched in recent weeks by the people putting their trust in us to seek relief from anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression. We have heard everything from fear of death to the desire to run screaming from the house away from home-schooled kids. PTSD in the wake of personal illness or that of loved ones is very real. We are thrilled to be able to help many, but there is only so much that Cannabis, massage or relaxing in the Serenity Suite can do. There is, unfortunately, no miracle cure for what ails us, but there are some things you can do. If you or someone you love is in crisis, don’t wait, seek help immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifelife is available with counseling resources at 1-800-273-8255 or you or your loved ones are feeling depressed or anxious, click below for 50 potential ways to help you manage stress and anxiety. Psychology today has a list of 50 things you can try to ease anxiety, they won’t all work, but try out a few! – click below…


Did You Know?


Generally speaking, Cannabis sativa is known for its uplifting and energetic effects in addition to helping with what ails you. Cannabis indica is recognized for very relaxing (even sedating) affects. Hybrids of the two land somewhere in the middle.

The following tables list the vape strains carried by Blue Lotus and what they are most known for. Please note – personal experience will vary, but this may give you a guideline for getting started.

CBD for anxiety and depression


It's OK to Help Yourself First

If yo are new to vaping or want to try something different – think about whether you want to use it during the day or at night to help with sleep.  For the former – look at Sativas.  For the latter, look for Indicas.  Hybrids can generally be used any time of day, but be sure to look at the reported effects when making your choice.  

The link below will take you to our Vape Cartridge shopping pages. Each strain has more specific information listed about effects and what makes it unique.



Healing Moments with Dr. Margaret

My Favorite Upper Body Exercises


Number 1 - Wall Push Ups

This exercise is simple to perform for those who are not used to upper body exercise. For those of you that hang out at the gym regularly, perhaps you can use this to help someone who isn’t in very good shape get started on a simple fitness routine.

1. Position yourself about 2 feet from the wall

2. Lift the hands to shoulder height and place hands flat on the wall.

Improve your sitting posture with a lumbar support. For those of you who have to sit for prolonged periods at work or home, a lumbar support can help you maintain better sitting posture and relieve strain on your whole body, not just your spine.

Perform 10-20 times as long as you can maintain good form.

You can increase the difficulty by lowering the push-up surface such as taking them down to a table or counter or all the way to the floor. If you lower the surface you need to be able to maintain good form and not lose the straight body and neck (plank) position.

It's OK to Help Yourself First



PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT perform this exercise if you have wrist pain or other pain caused by the movement or position.

Need some hands on help with pain and stiffness? Book a Wellness appointment with Dr. Margaret or come in and get the no touch version in our Serenity Suite! Just click below to book online.



Featured Wellness Solution

TRIBETOKES Clean Vape and


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Take a look at the wonderful products by TribeTokes.

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Tribetokes Founders

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Have questions or concerns about any of our products? Call us at 407-235-0653 and we can provide answers and help you navigate the many wellness benefits of the products we carry.


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