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Kindness is Good for Your Health! (Pass it On)

Updated: Jun 24, 2023


Weekly Wellness Tip

Kindness is Good For Your Health!

Thank you so much to the people who have encouraged us with words of praise for what we are doing and your well wishes for our business.  Your kindness inspired this article.

It is so easy to be cranky and negative lately!! There is no question that when bad news abounds, that negativity multiplies and breeds more negativity.

So our suggestion is – even if you are having difficulty smiling yourself, take a few minutes and do something kind for someone else. Who knows, it might just make you smile too.

It literally makes you feel good – because being kind increases your serotonin levels and stimulates endorphins.  This can create a phenomenon known as “helper’s high.”

Kindness eases anxiety. Research has demonstrated that engaging in acts of kindness increase a person’s experience of joy, interest, and alertness – or “Positive Affect” – which, in turn, eases anxiety.

It protects your heart. Oxytocin (the “love hormone”) is released during acts of kindness. This lowers blood pressure, which can protect your heart.

Being good to others can help you live longer – according to, you are at greater risk of heart disease if you don’t have strong relationships. Being kind tends to foster them.

Acts of kindness can reduce stress. By focusing on someone else’s needs, it can help us take the focus off ourselves and get “out of our heads” when we are tending to spiral into negativity.

Inflammation is associated with all sorts of health problems like obesity, migraines, diabetes, chronic pain and cancer. Studies of people who volunteer regularly demonstrated lower levels of inflammation in those who were helping others.

With all these benefits – it’s clear that kindness is a win-win. For 100 ideas on how to be kind – click below...

Healing Moments with Dr. Margaret


Here is another tip to combat the aches and tension of poor working posture. Use this technique to promote positive posture by supporting sitting up straight.

Lumbar Support

Improve your sitting posture with a lumbar support. For those of you who have to sit for prolonged periods at work or home, a lumbar support can help you maintain better sitting posture and relieve strain on your whole body, not just your spine.

Find a support – it can be a cushion that you buy or one you can pump up, or it can be a small pillow or rolled up towel. Place it right around your sacrum (area just above your tailbone). Gently tilt your pelvis forward and you will feel like you are sitting taller in your seat.

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