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Laugh Some Stress Away

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Laugh Some Stress Away


Pick a favorite comedy classic to watch, read a funny book or simply google “funny memes.”

  • Laughter has a huge variety of benefits for mind and body. 

  • It increases oxygen intake and stimulates the heart and lungs

  • Laughter ultimately lowers heart rate & blood pressure and calms our stress response.

  • Laughing regularly improves your immune response and can even relieve pain.


Increased stress and depression are more widespread than ever with the recent disruptions in our lives, and we need to make extra efforts to add laughter back into our routine. When we are feeling blue, it is easy to unconsciously surround ourselves with things that reinforce that mood – bad news, dark stories, commiserating with others in our depression. It takes an effort to choose to escape the doldrums, but the health benefits are real.

Even better than finding something funny to watch or read – find a friend or family member to do it with – even if it’s over the phone or through your computer. The extra effort in helping a loved one lift their mood will make it that much more rewarding for you.


Our favorites: The Princess Bride, Disorganized Crime, almost any Friendsepisode, anything by Patrick McManus, Jumanji (the remake), and the Broadway play – the Drowsy Chaperone.


Your turn, what’s something that made you laugh so hard your face hurt? It may be time to watch it again and laugh some stress away. 🙂

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