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The Best CBD Products for Mornings

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Best CBD and THC products for the daytime and mornings

Any Friends fan is probably familiar with the “Morning is Here” song sung so enthusiastically by Joey’s neighbor.  Personally, I would have thrown my oatmeal on that guy.  Morning person I am not.  Cannabis has improved my life immeasurably in that regard and now I am actually able to wake up in a timely manner, but you will never catch me singing about it – no matter how well I slept. 

The last thing people like me need to consume in the morning is a product that makes them drowsy or more relaxed.  However, those of us with chronic conditions typically find that consistent dosing (2-3 times per day) works best for controlling symptoms.  Since cannabis is generally relaxing, it is important to know what products and doses work well for mornings. Read on to learn our recommendations for which CBD products can be best for the mornings.


Best CBD for daytime use

If you have experimented with different doses of either THC or CBD, you may have noticed the biphasic effect.  What this means is that high doses may have the opposite effect of low doses.  For example, “low dose” may yield somewhat uplifting effects, while “high dose” may be sedative.   I have placed these in quotes because one person’s low dose may be high for another.  Wherever you land on the dosing spectrum, you may find that low dose THC relieves anxious feelings while higher doses provoke panic attacks. 

CBD, even at high dose, is not likely to cause anxiety.  CBD’s biphasic nature is most often seen in level of relaxation.  Too much makes most people sleepy, while low dose may be stimulating.  Because of this biphasic nature the first thing to understand about morning products is that you may want a lower dose in the morning than in the evening.


CBD for mornings

Most people understand that “marijuana” is intoxicating.  Growers have perfected the science of high-THC products for both the recreational and medical markets.  The intoxication comes from THC, not CBD.  In fact, many studies (though not all) confirm that CBD mitigates the intoxication from THC.   That is, taking a large dose of CBD with THC can mellow out the high.

Most people are not able to function intoxicated all day.  And obviously, no one should drive etc. while using impairing doses of THC.  Therefore, CBD may be a better daytime option.  For those who need THC for extreme symptom control, adding CBD either through a blended or additional product may help. 

For those who find full-spectrum products too relaxing, a completely THC-free option might be best for mornings.  We find Full-spectrum products to be more effective generally, but they can also be more sedative.  If you like the effects of CBD, but find yourself too drowsy, consider a THC-Free option.


CBD and terpenes

Makers of high-quality CBD and THC products recognize that additional ingredients can make the product “lean” one way or another.  These can include terpenes (aromatic compounds from plants), herbal ingredients, vitamins, caffeine, melatonin etc.  It is our opinion that CBD and THC do 95-99% of the work in cannabis products.  But added ingredients can “kick-up” the anti-inflammatory relief, make a product even more relaxing, or help it be a bit more uplifting. 

Common ingredients for morning products include:

Sativa Terpenes – compounds like limonene (common in lemons) are energizing.  Look for terms like sativa, uplift, energy, revive, and boost.  These usually indicate the presence of sativa terpenes.

Caffeine – Many cannabis experts agree that adding caffeine to a CBD product is counter intuitive.  CBD is supposed to be relaxing, after all.  Caffeine is supposed to be uplifting.  However, clients who are fans of CBD coffee or Energy Gummies tell us that they feel relaxed but alert.  They feel the desired effects from both compounds. 

Ginger and Ginseng – Known to increase focus and energy, these are a good addition to morning products.  Enjoy Hemp’s Relief gummies contain Ginseng.

Menthol and Wintergreen Topicals – Stepping out of the shower and applying a topical lotion or salve with menthol in it can be very invigorating (and relieving).  Wildflower Relief Sticks are our favorite “wake you up” topicals.

CBD and THC products can both be helpful for treating all kinds of symptoms during the day.  If you find the products you are using too relaxing for morning use, consider these options:

  1. Try a lower dose.

  2. Choose a blended CBD:THC product or add CBD to your THC dose.

  3. Try a THC Free option.

  4. Pick a product with stimulating added ingredients.


Feel free to reach out to us with questions about this article or for help choosing the ideal product for your situation.  You can reach us by email at info@bluelotuswellnessandcbd.comor by phone at 407-235-0653.

What are the best CBD products to use in the morning or daytime

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