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Kush Kube 10:1 CBD:THC Apple Berry 2-Packs
  • Kush Kube 10:1 CBD:THC 2-Packs

    Introducing Kush Kube 10:1 CBD:THC 2 Packs - one of our new favorite gummies.  They combine a powerful 150mg of CBD and 15mg Delta-9 THC in a 10:1 ratio. Who might love them? Enjoy the benefits of CBD with a boost from THC. Effects will include a mild to moderate head high with significant calming. Users describe this as a "controllable high." This Hybrid blend is not sedative for most, but allows for relaxation without the immediate need to hit the hay.  Those who experience unpleasant side effects from larger doses of THC may enjoy 1/4 to 1/2 of a gummy. Please always consume responsibly.