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Vitality 1:1 CBDA:CBGA Gummies by Healer CBD
  • Vitality 1:1 CBDA:CBGA Gummies by Healer

    These Vitality Gummies provide 1:1 CBDA:CBGA.  The best news - unlike the oils, these gummies do not require refrigeration! They are tangerine flavored and are a non-impairing option.  These vegan, all natural, gluten-free gummies contain organic ingredients, less than 3 grams of sugar and zero corn syrup. 20 count per container.


    CBDA is acidic form of CBD.  This raw, unheated form of CBD is proving to have several advantages over CBD in particular situations.  CBDA is the form CBD is in the raw cannabis plant.  Heat transforms CBDA into CBD. This process is known as decarboxylation.  Healer leaves heat out of the manufacturing process for their CBDA oil. As a result, the CBDA is kept intact.

    Situations where CBDA may prove more beneficial than CBD: 1. Moderate to high dose (25-50mg) of CBD provides less than your desired results. 2. You are using THC and do not want the minimizing effects of CBD.  CBDA does not interfere with the metabolism of THC. 3. You have not found CBD helpful for sleep.  CBDA may prove more useful. 4. You want to try the potentially more powerful effects of CBDA (or already know you repsond better to it). Learn more about the benefits of CBDA 

    Cannabinoid Types: CBDA and CBGA


    Cannabinoid Strengths: 10mg per gummy; 5mg  CBDA and 5mg CBGA


    Flavor: Tangerine


    Size: 20 Count Jar


    Hemp Source: Maine


    Organic: Organically grown on a “Certified Clean” farm


    Extraction Method: Alcohol Extraction


    What We Love:   Unlike the oils, this Healer product does not require refrigeration! CBDA provides a non-intoxicating alternative to traditional CBD drops.  Many people find that a much smaller dose of CBDA is better for stress, assistance with rest, and relief.  Dr. Dustin Sulak is a trusted advisors to thousands about medical cannabis.  We participate in his training and certification programs and were excited when he developed and launched Healer CBDA products.  We hope you enjoy them too!


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