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Local delivery or store pickup only for all Vape Products.

TenDC Delta-8 THC Vapes

This product is available in store, for local delivery, or curbside pickup only.  We can no longer ship Vape products because of recent changes to federal law.


Enjoy a huge variety of flavors with TenDC Delta-8 THC Vapes.  Each one is a full gram of high quality Delta-8 THC Distillate and cannabis derived and botanical terpenes.  A favorite among our customers because of the quality for an affordable price.


THC Type: Delta-8 THC converted from CBD Isolate

THC Strength: 850mg per 1 gram cartridge

Hemp Source: Southern Oregon


Extraction Method: CO2


What We Love:  No PV/VG or additives.  These Ten DC Delta-8 THC vapes have consistent quality and flavor.  Also, they have a smooth hit without too much throat irritation.  The round tip provides a decent flow and very rarely clogs (we have never had one returned for clogging, though one can never say never).  All Cartridges have a scannable QR code that links to the contained extract and test results


Sample Test Results

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